Santiago de Compostela

We are a Santiago DMC that gives tours of this pilgrimage destination from the Middle Ages.

People consider Santiago de Compostela to be the first tourist destination in Europe because of the high numbers of people making pilgrimages to visit the city. The cultural exchanges taking place over centuries combined with the spiritual motivation of most visitors form Santiago’s amazing personality. Additionally, Santiago’s university population makes it a young and active town.

Santiago de Compostela is the final destination of all faith paths: the French, the Portuguese, the English. Similarly, it is a great place to stay while getting to know unexplored Galicia, the most western region in Spain. Finally, you can combine Galicia and Portugal into a trip as well because of the short distance from the airport. Vigo is close and Porto in Portugal is just about 2 hours away.

We as a Santiago DMC know the best ways to navigate all the wonders of Santiago de Compostela. Browse our Programs and get inspired to create yours!

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