We are a Toledo DMC that explores the former capital of Castile and its small cobblestone streets discoverable only on foot.

Toledo currently houses the Catholic Church in Spain, but in the past Arabs, Jews, and Christians lived harmoniously. Although this multiculturalism is evident all over Spain, it has a more vivid presence in Toledo. Toledo holds the influences within its beautiful walls.

Even before entering the city, there is an impressive view. The traditional country houses, locally known as “Cigarrales” spread all over the hills surrounding Toledo and Tagus River, encircling the magnificent city. Visit the San Juan monastery, the cathedral, and Santa Maria temple for spectacular architecture. Or, check out the walls and bridges surrounding the city.

Toledo is a destination by itself, but it can easily be combined with other cities as well. Many visit Toledo as a day excursion from Madrid, stop through in between Madrid and Andalusia, or stay while they visit Castilla La Mancha, homeland of Don Quixote and Pedro Almodóvar!

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