We are a Bilbao DMC that visits this economic, cosmopolitan capital city of the Basque Country.

Bilbao has a bright present thanks to its bustling, yet gray, industrial past. This is because Bilbao was taken by the French during the Peninsula War and was unable to be more than an industrial centre. Its location gave it access to mines, ports, and the new railroad, so not a lot of people settled there.

However, the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Ghery jumpstarted the development of this great city. It is a fabulous destination for architecture lovers and engineers from all over the world. Additionally, the White Bridge (Zubi Zuri) and the Vizcaya Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its clever construction and age, highlight architecture. Finally, Norman Foster’s modern design for the metro entrance is spectacular.

Whether you’re including Bilbao on a trip across the north of Spain, using Bilbao as a hop-off on St. James Way, or choosing it for a weekend-break, Bilbao is always a brilliant choice. There are lots of possibilities nearby as well: the wild Atlantic Coast, beautiful cities such as Pamplona or San Sebastian, the wine region in the interior and the mountains…

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