We are a Castilla-Leon DMC that specializes in Segovia, a charming small town in the east.

An impressive Roman aqueduct welcomes visitors entering Segovia. It is a well-known symbol of Segovia´s history, and as a result, it is well-preserved. Afterwards, be sure to head to the old city centre, where you can see more historical sites. First, you can explore Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria de Segovia, called the Lady of the Cathedrals for its elegance and beauty. Additionally, walk around Playa Mayor. Lastly, finish with the Jewish Quarter to see the small winding streets and old influence. Castle Alcazar supposedly inspired Walt Disney´s Cinderella Castle! As a result, there are always people visiting the old castle.

Tourists staying in Madrid sometimes visit Segovia as a day excursion.  On the other hand, you can combine Segovia with San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Avila or Salamanca as part of an exciting tour in Castile.

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