Pilgrimages and Religious Tours

We organize Pilgrimages to the Catholic sites in Spain, Portugal and Southern France.

Faith is a powerful reason for group travel, and the Iberian Peninsula is a great place for our Pilgrimages and Religious Tours in Spain and Portugal. For example, we frequently visit Montserrat, El Pilar, Santiago de Compostela, Guadalupe, Fatima or Lourdes. Often times, we group these tours in one trip. On the other hand, you can also explore them separately.

In addition to tourist arrangements, we organize holy mass whenever necessary. We know that religious groups have specific needs, and we can accommodate those. For instance, we can plan a visit to fall on a Sunday or get access to a church.

Besides faith, religious tours offer other remarkable experiences. Itineraries often follow historical paths like St. James Way or are connected to important celebrations as Semana Santa. In addition to shrines and sacred places, visitors learn about culture and history.