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Ábacco International is the incoming travel agency specialised in groups for all destinies in Spain and Portugal, which operate directly and without intermediates in all cases.
Ábacco International is specialist in Spain and Portugal destinies. We know territory, routes, places to visit and the suppliers of services: restaurants, hotels, guides, transports.
We took care of everything, fast and effective form. Through our contact form you can consult us. To the brevity we will respond you.

Ábacco International
13, J. Verdaguer - 08902 L'Hospitalet Barcelona (Spain)
Phone + 34 93 431 0000
Fax + 34 93 331 7263

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ÁBACCO INTERNATIONAL C/Jacint Verdaguer,13 -08902 L'Hospitalet- Barcelona (Spain) Ph:+34 934 315 069 Fax:+34 933 317 263

Ábacco International it is a registered tradename of Viajes Ábacco Tax-Tour, S.A Lic. G.C. 158